I have the habit of being very meticulous when doing SEO. When developing, I am scrupulous about using header tags and syntax’s in thinking it will make the keyword even more powerful when being searched. While repeating this method, my fellow work mates noticed my odd habit of placing quotes around all my keywords.  He asked, does placing quotes around keywords effects or harms SEO?  I had to admit that I did not actually know so I was forced to do some research.

So here we go, does quoted text work?

It is accurate to say that most searchers do not place quotes around their search string when they go to a search in a search engine; however, there are those few whom actually do place quotes around a string.  It is important to understand that when you do place quotes around your keywords you are telling most search engines to perform an exact match of the text that you placed in the quotes.  So you are significantly limiting your search and many times that is exactly what you want to do.

But again, this is not the initial question.  The ignition question is this.  As I create a blog post, article, landing page, or website and I am creating a keywords bank for my work, does it matter if they are in quotes?  Is the keyword phrase “managed IT services” any different than managed IT services for a key word?


After all of my search I find that For SEO, It does not matter. In other words, putting quotes around words are generally ignored by Google in matching your pages to search queries.  Pages that match the exact search terms and in the exact word order entered by the searcher will beat out other pages, all other things (such as incoming links) being equal. So it is to your benefit to try to figure out not just what words your customers search for, but in what order.

Hope this helps all you do it yourselfers. And please do post comments here everyone:)