You Will Need The Following To Start Working With GoLocalExpert

The First Step Is To Submit An Application

Submit Your Application

At GoLocalExpert we want both our expert ninjas and our clients to have the best experience possible. This application helps us evaluate your skills and allows you to work on what you do best. The application should only takes 30 minute and the feedback that we will get should be helpful in determining what you’re best suited to do. You can complete this application now by visiting our careers page or by clicking on the link below.

 Apply NOW


Create A LastPass Account

What is LastPass?

LastPass is a browsers plugin which will allow me to share credentials/passwords with you while protecting the clients information. This program is also helpful in remembering different difficult passwords. It’s great because you can save it and share with your team members on all the sites we work on.


Step 1. Creating Your Own LastPass Account

Link to start account:


Step 2. Download And Install LastPass To Your Browser
Step 3. Sharing Your Account Email With

After promptly starting your LastPass account and installing the program on your browser, you’ll need to share your LastPass email with our GoLocalExpert team member. You can either Skype, Email, or Text us.



Now that this is out of the way, we will share client credentials with you and you will have access to the password and login for the entirety of the project.

Get Access To Producteev

What Is Producteev?
Producteev is a task management program which allows us to assign tasks, set deadlines, prioritize milestones, and ask questions. Once we’ve agreed to work together we will invite you to our space and assign you all the projects you will be working with. If you’re also working with another team member, keep in mind communication should also be shared in this location.


Step 1. Share Your Email With Our Team Leader
Before you are granted access to producteev, you will need to share an email account with the team leader. We will get you access to your own individual projects.
Step 2. Create Account On Productive
After sharing your email, you will receive a message from our team leader with a link to Producteev. Alright, almost time to “Get Started”

Input your first and last name for your new account.

Step 3. Get confotable with Producteev
You’re now officially in our project space. Navigate around and get comfortable, you’ll need to know how to use the program to see your tasks and communicate with all other team members. Welcome to GoLocalExpert!


Track Your Hours With oDesk, Elance, Freelancer, Guru or Toggl

If Hired Through oDesk Use Odesk Team Tracker
If hired though oDesk, please use the Odesk Team Tracker to manage your hours. Also keep in mind, we will be monitoring the time sheets to evaluate performance.

Link to desktop application download:

If Hired Through Elance Use Elance Tracker
If hired though Elance, please use the Elance Tracker to manage your hours. Also keep in mind, we will be monitoring the time sheets to evaluate performance.

If Hired Long-Term Use Toggl Tracker
Toggl is a simple time tracking program that allows you to know what time you have invested in each project and task. This program will be used only for trusted long-term designers and developers.

Sign up and track:

Mobile App also Available